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Introducing the world’s first intelligent and programmable wireless charging platform

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Intelligent Charging Pads

Our proprietary AI-enabled software technology transforms standard charging pad coils into intelligent sensing hubs that enable any number of different types of devices to wireless charge anywhere on a pad – without the need for coil alignment.

Surface Transformation

From tables and desk to countertops and auto dashboards, our next level surface technology transmutes any pre-existing surface into a wireless charger though a modular, energy-hopping system of hidden hubs.

High-Performance Charging

Our high-capacity, high-power, and high-efficiency wireless charging capabilities outperform any other current wireless charging solutions with its ability to charge multiple large electronic devices such as laptops, drones, power tools, kitchen appliances, and more.

Standard Compliant

Our programmable wireless charging platform is compatible with all existing and certified standards, including Qi and AirFuel, enabling high-performance and safe charging solutions for any and all devices.


We offer the only programmable wireless charging technology, empowering you to easily monitor, optimize, and reconfigure charging solutions for any number or type of device, while removing the need to license multiple technologies.

Behind the Technology

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Real-World Wireless Charging Solutions

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  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Tools
  • Drones
  • Office/shared workspaces
  • furniture
  • robotics
  • auto
  • hospitality
  • security
  • public safety

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