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Our Mission

To create innovative technologies that radically simplify the
wireless charging experience and development process


The DeepCharge story is about the courage to change and simplify our life. It begins back in 2017, when the co-founders – a group of academic researchers and engineers at Northeastern University in Boston, MA - were frustrated and unsatisfied with the current wireless charging solutions on the market. They held a vision that they could create the wireless charging experience that they themselves craved. They believe that they could radically shift the industry by creating a product development platform that could be AI-enabled and software-defined. They imagined a world where ordinary surfaces could transform into charging surfaces. They wanted an environment where charging surfaces weren’t limited to exact coil alignment. They dreamed of a life where a wireless charging surfaces could charge any type of device, even laptops.


They set out on their mission, and DeepCharge’s core technology was eventually realized through years of R&D experience at Northeastern and funding by US National Science Foundation grants. In time, their leading-edge technology research won prestigious awards, such as the Presidential Award for remarkable contributions in the area of wireless technology, and was featured in dozens of technical and academic publications on software-defined radios and machine learning. With wild enthusiasm from the US National Science Foundation and test users alike, DeepCharge was officially founded in 2018.


While we believe DeepCharge is about building functionally superior wireless charging devices, it is also about embracing daring innovation and meaningful purpose. We honor people who incessantly tried to simplify the world for us. We look for inspiration from visionaries who reimagined what was possible in their respective fields – trailblazers such as Picasso, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein. These innovators reimagined what was possible by defying tradition, daring to be great, and deeply caring about how their work impacts everyday life. This is the energy we embody and bring to wireless charging. This is the change we seek to make in the world.

Our Values

Believe in Change

We passionately believe in being agents of change and that the best way to innovate is to radically simplify.

Obsessively Care for Customers

We don’t just believe in helping our customers. We put them first by being obsessed with helping them meet their goals.

Combine Fun with Purpose

Revolutionary insight and breakthroughs are achieved when we combine fun with an urgent and consistent drive towards our purpose.

Dare to Fail

We dare to think bigger and to shift paradigms by not being afraid to fail. We treat failure as a necessary data point on the path to long-term success.

Dance with Fear

If an idea doesn’t scare us, we’re thinking too small. We don’t run from fear – we dance with it.