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Long-Term Success In The Wireless Space Comes From Ingenuity

  • Date: 22 November 2022

DeepCharge is fortunate enough to be able to share the insights from numerous thought leaders in this blog series. Here, you will find their secrets, advice, intelligence, and even predictions for a multitude of verticals.

Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay has been an advisor and mentor to DeepCharge for almost a year. His finance expertise is unparalleled, having held senior roles at two major accounting and consulting firms. His focus on emerging technology is both exciting and energizing. He has done major public and audit-based accounting and served as a consultant in risk management and with IT projects.

The largest lesson to be learned from Bhaskar’s experience is that numbers matter tremendously, but long-term success is derived from ingenuity, excellence, and by brining technologies that have never been seen before to market. Below is an excerpt from our conversation with Bhaskar this past week. It was both engaging and enlightening.

Q: In your view how is DeepCharge changing the future of wireless charging and as a disruptor?

A: Partly, I think (where the industry is today is only a part of how we will be using) a wireless charger, but it's first bringing it into the enterprise word, which includes just not the office environment or the factory environment, but also includes the university environment. That's probably one of the channels and a, as I said, probably a baby step to take before the charger wireless charging is taken into other arenas and other strategical channels.

Q: What problems do you think DeepCharge is solving for the enterprise even though, in your own words, it’s taking baby steps so far?

A: There is a lot of inconvenience in charging devices and keeping track of those devices that are charged is challenging. Having a wireless pad where one almost unconsciously reaches and drops their charging device is probably not a convenient or an inconvenient habit to get customers into. So, I believe DeepCharge is leading the charge to make this very important change in the enterprise.

Q: So, is it fair to say DeepCharge is a win/win for both employees and the enterprise?

A: It is a win/win for the employees and the enterprise. And if you have a win/win for the employees and enterprise, it's a great impact. That would be a tremendous win for everyone.

Q: What do you feel the greatest opportunities for deep charge are outside the enterprise, the traditional enterprise we’ve just been talking about right now?

A: There will be niche areas like drone charging. That could be an area that's just on the horizon bubbling rapidly. Behind it is EV charging, or electric, electrical vehicle charging. And it may seem distant, that as you go down to Walmart or other shopping centers, where you're seeing the Tesla chargers, but it’s coming. One day soon, on the horizon, you will be stopping at a stoplight, and on that road, there will be a wireless charger for your vehicle. Further down the road, that charger in the road will charge your car, even for a couple of fractional minutes that you were waiting, and you could be charging your car. So, right now, it's a leap, but Evie chargers to start with is a huge impact area when you start to change the scenario.

If all of these ideas seem like something out of The Jetson’s, you are only half correct. Bhaskar’s vision is both exciting and enlightening. It will, however, take quite some time until your vehicle is charging as it is driving. Today’s reality is that the world of charging is changing. Consolidation of cords and wires is already happening and DeepCharge’s technology and wireless solutions are already changing how we work. It’s impacting everything from the enterprise to the military. If you want to become a more sustainable organization, then throwing away the cord and embracing the a true wireless enterprise or global organization is one of the best changes you can make.