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Introducing an End-to-End Wireless Charging Development Platform That Defies the Limits

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A Truly Turnkey Approach to
Product Development

Our programmable, AI-enabled wireless charging platform radically simplifies your development process, providing you with an easy, turnkey, safe, standard-compliant, and high-performing end-to-end solution.

From our patented ground-breaking coil “sensing” technology and reconfigurable SDK to our real-time monitoring dashboard and OEM hardware design capabilities, our platform enables you to shave countless hours and dramatically cut the costs previously associated with wireless charging product development.

Simply put, we empower you to create a superior product – in radically less time.

Platform Overview


CoilOS firmware is at the core of our wireless charging solution and houses the proprietary codes that enable the coils to “sense” and “charge” devices on-demand over charging pads and surfaces - as opposed to relying on coil alignment for sensing and charging.


Our software development kit is an easy-to-use interface that generates configuration files and allows our CoilOS to be programmable, for example, defining the size of the charging area, the amount of power needed, the number of devices, and more.


Our monitoring dashboard empowers your team to get insights into the performance of our wireless charging system – for example power transmission, temperature, and more – so your team can quickly test, reconfigure, improve, and optimize as needed.


After your team inputs your parameters into the SDK, DeepCharge will provide you with your choice of a hardware layout design or physical OEM hardware for a truly turnkey development solution.

How It Works


Determine the Specifications You Need

DeepCharge starts with a fundamentally different approach. Instead of the technological capabilities determining your specifications, we flip the paradigm. Our solution empowers you to first lay out the exact specs you desire, for example, the size of the charging area, what types of devices you want to be able to charge, the power levels you need, how many devices you want to be able to charge at once, what charging standard you want to adapt, and more. Once you imagine the possibilities, our software automatically brings your vision to life.


Automatically & Programmatically Generate Multiple Configuration Files

Simply enter your pre-defined tech specifications into our easy-to-use software development kit to automatically and programmatically develop the configuration files you need. Our SDK can be used for a variety of applications and use-cases, which enables you to use one solution to create multiple configurations files across many different products and eliminates the need to license numerous technologies. DeepCharge helps you defy the previous limits of having to manually design, develop, and optimize one wireless charging solution at a time.


Build & Deploy Your Hardware

Based on your configuration files, DeepCharge provides you with a software-defined hardware reference design or an OEM software-defined hardware board. Our hardware designs and solutions are fully-tested, leverage power management chips from world-leading designers, and are compatible with state-of-the-art standards such as Qi and AirFuel.


Analyze, Monitor, & Optimize Your Wireless Charging Solution in Real-Time

Use our real-time monitoring dashboard to get an in-depth look into the critical health and performance data of your wireless charging device, including power transmission, power receiving, power efficiency rate, temperature, and more. Make any changes you may need into the SDK in order to programmatically generate new configurations files until testing and optimization is complete.

Experience the Next Generation of Wireless Charging Technology for Yourself

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