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Supercharged Solutions

Real-World Applications.
Out of This World Performance.

Use DeepCharge’s programmable platform to radically transform your current wireless
charging capabilities – in a fraction of the time. Use cases and real-world applications include:

Wireless Charging Pads

Our AI-enabled software development platform enables you to easily develop Qi-compatible, high-capacity, high-power, and high-efficiency wireless charging pads that defy previous technological limits by:

  • No longer requiring coil alignment to charge
  • Radically decreasing charging time
  • Allowing you to wirelessly charge large electronic devices, such as laptops, monitors, drones, power tools, and more
  • Giving you the ability to charge multiple devices – large or small – on the same pad at the same time

Large Surface Wireless Charging

Imagine a world where any large ordinary surface, such as a table, desk, or countertop, could be transformed into high-performing wireless charging power station. DeepCharge’s software does just that – turning science fiction into reality through our modular system of AirFuel-compatible hidden energy-hopping hubs.

Place our hubs underneath standards commercial or residential surfaces – such as coffeeshop tables, kitchen countertops, auto dashboards, and more – to create wireless charging solutions that are as paradigm-shifting as they are convenient. In addition, these surfaces become fast-charging power stations that do not require any coil alignment for charging and can charge multiple devices at the same time – from large laptops to small cell phones. The future is now.

Drone/UAV Wireless Charging

Use our programming platform, coil-sensing technology, and surface transmutation functionality to create a portable on-demand wireless charging system that can autonomously guide and charge multiple UAS devices at the same time. With DeepCharge’s plug-and-play receivers attached to the drones, charging takes places completely hands-free and no matter where a UAV lands on the charging pad. This next-level power and charging solution supplies companies with the technology revolution needed to make the commercial use of drones more convenient, sustainable, and mainstream. In addition, DeepCharge’s platform is 10x more energy efficient than today’s standard wireless charging solutions.

Robotics Wireless Charging

DeepCharge’s software-defined and wireless surface charging technology helps robots to become fully autonomous by enabling them to get a high-powered charge in a completely hands-free manner and enabling them to perform their functions without the need to be tethered to a fixed location. In addition, multiple robots can charge on a single pad at the same time – whether they need a few watts or hundreds of watts of power each – and there is no need for a robot to be aligned in a specific manner on the pad.

Power Tools Wireless Charging

This is for the builders. The doers. The crafters. We’re helping to construct and envision a world where the construction sites, loading docks, workshops, and warehouses of the world can go nearly wireless. Imagine not needing to plug in your power tools? All you need is a nearby surface, and DeepCharge can help ensure that you never run out of power - or trip over charging cables. In addition, DeepCharge’s wireless charging platform and surface technology supports power tools with various power requirements and different battery voltages – so they can all be charged on the same pad or surface at the same time.

Infrastructure-Based Charging

Simply put, from airports and rental cars to coffee shops and conference rooms, DeepCharge revolutionizes what people can expect from spaces. Imagine being able to go to a restaurant and your phone will magically charge while you eat, without plugging it in and no matter where you place it on the table. Imagine your laptop and phone instantly charging in a meeting, just by placing them on the boardroom table. Imagine your Bluetooth headphones charging simply by placing them in the cup holder of your car. With DeepCharge’s wireless charging platform and networked system of energy-hopping hubs, any ordinary surface can be transformed into a wireless charging pad that will work for any type of electronic device. The possibilities are endless.

Industries Served

Use the DeepCharge platform to build powerful AI-enabled wireless charging solutions across
multiple industries:


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