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A Radically Better Way to Charge
Devices & Develop High-Performance
Wireless Charging Solutions

Redefine what’s possible. Our paradigm-shifting and programmable wireless
charging platform out performs previous technological limits with two primary and
revolutionary surface charging real-world applications:

High-Performance Charging Pads

Use our platform to easily, quickly, and cost-effectively develop Qi-compatible charging pads that no longer require coil alignment to charge and can power multiple types of devices at the same time, including large electronic devices.

Surface Transmutation

Transmute any ordinary surface, such as a tables, desks, or countertops, into high-performing wireless power stations though our intelligent system of AirFuel-compatible hidden energy-hopping hubs.

Defy the Limits

The next generation of wireless charging is here. See how we are revolutionizing wireless
charging as you know it. Benefits and features include:


Charge Devices Wirelessly
Without the Need for Coil Alignment

Our proprietary AI-enabled CoilOS firmware contains patented code that allows for automatous surface charging, giving our coils the ability to “sense” when any number of devices or types of devices are on a charging surface. Say goodbye to needing coil alignment to wirelessly power a device.


Transform Standard Surfaces
Into Power Stations

Use our intelligent and networked coils to create a modular, plug-and-play, energy-hopping system of hidden hubs that can transform any standard surface – like coffeeshop tables, kitchen countertops, and auto dashboards – into wireless charging power stations.


Eliminate the Need to License
Multiple Development Technologies

We are the only programmable wireless charging development platform on the market. Our easy-to-use software enables you to quickly generate configuration files for our CoilOS firmware, so you can develop multiple products by simply changing product development variables. Variables include the size of the charging area, the amount of power needed, the types of devices that the pad charges, the number of devices that can be charged at once, and more. One solution can now fit all your wireless charging product development needs.


Get an End-to-End Turnkey Development Solution

In addition to ground-breaking sensing, networking, and energy shaping coil technology and a configurable SDK, we provide you with a testing and optimization monitoring dashboard and integrated AI that allows for simple energy management and battery lifetime optimization. In addition, we can provide you with physical OEM hardware or a layout design based off of the parameters you entered into the SDK, making our platform a truly one-stop development solution.


Charge Multiple Types of Devices
on a Single Pad

Our platform enables you to easily develop charging surfaces that can power multiple types of devices at the same time. Imagine a charging pad that can power both a laptop, cell phone, smart device, and power tools – simultaneously.


Secure the Ability to Wireless Charge Large Electronics

In addition to outperforming any other wireless charging platform in the market, our solution is high-capacity, high-power, and high-efficiency. Not only will our technology allow for fast charging, but it also gives you the never-before-seen ability to wirelessly charge large electronic devices, including laptops, monitors, drones, power tools, and much more.

Cost Efficiency

Cut the Time & Resources Typically Needed for Development

Our turnkey platform and programmable development solution – from reconfigurable software to OEM hardware manufacturing – empowers you to dramatically cut the time, resources, and costs associated with product development. Our one-stop platform allows you to efficiently research, develop, deploy, test, and certify surface-based wireless charging solutions across numerous configurations, thereby eliminating the need to license multiple technologies.


Comply With
All Certified Standards & Regulations

You can feel confident that our state-of-the-art wireless charging platform is also compatible with all existing and certified standards and regulations, including Qi and AirFuel.


Ensure the Safety of Your Customers

Intelligent EMI monitoring and thermal management capabilities ensure you can easily adjust variables such as the charging area and the amount of power to guarantee safe use by consumers.


Monitor Real-Time Health & Performance Data

Utilize our real-time monitoring dashboard to get the critical health and performance insights you need as you develop, test, reconfigure, improve, and optimize your wireless charging product. Data includes real-time temperature, power transfer, reception, efficiency rates, and more.

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